Bruce Randolph School gives back to community with Denver’s first school-run hydroponic farm

February 9, 2023

By Danny New | Published February 9, 2023

The majority of the harvest gets donated to We Don’t Waste and the school’s own cafeteria

Watch the full video here on YouTube:

DENVER – “What’d you learn in school today, honey?” Oh, just how to grow a cucumber.

The students at Bruce Randolph School have been learning how to tend to many vegetables and spices, as part of their classes inside Denver’s first school-run hydroponic farm.

“Having a space to do hands-on [learning] is like, very stress relieving for students,” said one student, Giovanni.

This became possible through donations and guidance from the DPS Foundation and Teens for Food Justice, and now the students are able to grow food that gets donated to ‘We Don’t Waste’ and the school’s own cafeteria.

In the above story, you can take a tour of the facility, and learn more about how it operates.

Find the original piece here on Denver7.

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