Increasing access to fresh, healthy food

Students grow and distribute fresh produce for their communities, tackling food insecurity and its negative impacts on health


pounds of student-grown produce distributed per year.

Our Impact


Servings of Leafy Greens
per year





TFFJ Works

0 %

of students understand how
nutritious food makes a
positive difference in their health

0 %

of students feel the farm increases their understanding of
environmental sustainability

0 %

of students see themselves as
leaders who can advocate
for food justice

0 %

of students go home and
share what they have learned

0 %

of students say they
are motivated to
eat healthier foods

Student Stories

“The nutrition education we are receiving will help people to understand the meaning of greens and healthy food, and why it’s better. If we eat healthier and stop eating all this junk food, we will live a longer life, and I’m sure that everyone in this world would like a longer life.”

“I like learning to teach other students how to be healthy and how you can have a farm without soil. It’s crazy how nature can combine with technology.”

“[My daughter] used to only like corn, it was just corn corn corn. But since starting this program, she’s started to eat a lot more vegetables.”

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