Josh Degaldo

Joshua Delgado

Food Distribution Assistant

Josh comes to TFFJ with the unique history of having been actively involved with practically every arm of the organization before joining the staff on a full-time basis, from the afterschool and advocacy programs to food distribution and community engagement pieces, even serving as a remote co-facilitator during the Covid-19 shutdown. An alumnus of DeWitt Clinton High School, Josh was introduced to TFFJ as a teenager through a Training Opportunities Program internship that overlapped with the afterschool program. During this time he developed a profound understanding of nutrition that has remained central to his values, and an appreciation for hydroponic farming and harvesting. This led him to become one of TFFJ’s first food distribution interns and then an afterschool program mentor and session co-facilitator. As part of his advocacy work with TFFJ, Josh also had the opportunity to provide public testimony before the New York City Council about a bill regulating healthy default beverages for children’s meals in the city’s restaurants, which contributed to the bill being passed. He later worked as a part-time TFFJ Farm Intern helping maintain the farm at Brownsville Collaborative Middle School of Agriculture & Technology as well as supporting the farms at MLK and DeWitt Clinton. Before joining TFFJ full-time, Josh worked in retail for several years. He is excited to be more involved with the communities that the farms serve and to give his very best to students while promoting the importance of appropriate nutrition.

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