Ramel "Smooth" Bradley

Ramel Bradley

Community Director & Co-founder of AppHarvest

Ramel Smooth Bradley was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Here, his community ties go back decades. Growing up, Bradley lived with his Mother and Grandmother, who founded a community organization dedicated to helping “the hungry, the helpless, & the hopeless.” Showing early signs of talent, Bradley excelled in sports and attended IMG Academy, a prestigious sports performance and educational institution. After graduating high school, the University of Kentucky recruited Bradley to play in the most storied and successful program in college basketball history. By the end of his college career, Bradley was not only team captain but a fan favorite; the 6’3 Point Guard ranked as 28th All-Time Scorer.

Off the court, Bradley earned his degree in Agriculture Food & Environment, focusing on Community Communications & Leadership Development. He shares his primary inspiration from his Grandmother’s commitment to serving her community in the heart of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

After graduation, he played a short stint with The New Jersey Nets before traveling overseas to play in France, Israel, Turkey, and Croatia for nearly a decade.

On a visit home Bradley realized it was time to shift his focus to his family and community. His Grandmother’s health was suffering, and a lack of access to affordable, healthy, nutritious food played a huge role. Bradley decided he could not, in good conscience, continue his basketball career. He stayed in Brooklyn to re-establish the neighborhood pantry serving 400 families in the community. Additionally, Bradley volunteered within the community, became an advocate for food justice, and partnered with organizations like Ag Tech X, New York City’s only community group dedicated to entrepreneurship, Ag education, and the elimination of food deserts.

In early 2017, Bradley joined his college friend Jonathan Webb’s venture—AppHarvest. Among many other achievements as acting Community Director, Bradley helped Webb by supporting securing seed funding with the Rise of the Rest Seed Fund led by Steve Case. This investment fund aims to accelerate innovation in Middle America. Bradley also launched an innovative program at Shelby Valley High School in Pike County, Kentucky, to create and nurture agricultural entrepreneurs. Students learn about plant science and how to build their local food supply while gaining first-hand experience growing vegetables hydroponically on a high-tech container farm.

In 2022, Bradley developed a new way to uplift communities through new jobs, fashion, and agriculture education. Bishop Rice’s passing spurred the foundation of God of the Hills, dedicated to continuing her lifelong goal of feeding and clothing the community. Bradley founded God of the Hills, a sustainable clothing brand. God of the Hills is an authentic American Ag-Leisure lifestyle brand empowering people across cultures, promotes sustainable, quality fashion, and provides fashion education opportunities for subsequent generations of leaders, innovators, and creators. The focus is to merge cultures, creating a new community – a family. A family dedicated to fusing environmental and clothing sustainability. A product for the future. Not only is it good for the planet – it’s good for the soul.

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