Katie Seawell

Katie Seawell

Interim CMO & Strategic Advisor, Moolah Kicks, Board Secretary

A transformative commercial leader with a distinguished history of driving exponential growth and innovation, Katie Seawall is known as an industry disruptor who has been repeatedly successful transforming vision into commercial success and societal impact. Throughout her career, Katie has consistently demonstrated her ability to navigate complex business landscapes, redefine market categories, and position companies at the forefront of their industries.

With a strategic vision cultivated through leadership roles at early-stage multimillion dollar brand Moolah Kicks and Bowery Farming and iconic brands like Starbucks, Katie is actively seeking to transition her vast corporate experience to board positions, where she can provide strategic oversight and governance and drive shareholder value.

Katie is currently the Interim CMO and a strategic advisor to the founder-at-large of the multimillion-dollar early-stage women’s basketball brand Moolah Kicks. Recruited for her success with founder-led companies, Katie developed and executed the company’s first 360 marketing plan.

As Chief Commercial Officer for Bowery Farming, the largest indoor vertical farming company in the U.S., Katie scaled all aspects of the commercial business to drive a +400% revenue growth. Under her leadership, Bowery solidified its position as the undisputed leader in the Controlled Environment Agriculture space—a direct result of her brand, commercial, communications, public policy, and ESG strategies. She is the co-founder of Bowery’s women’s development network, aGirlculture, and was recognized on the Google Ventures impact list of game-changing women leaders.

Prior to Bowery, Katie spent 14 years making an impact at Starbucks, where she progressed rapidly through the ranks in various senior leadership roles within category, marketing, and retail operations, and helped shape and sustain the company’s position as one of the world’s most iconic brands. During her tenure, Katie provided the vision and roadmap for driving business and marketing strategy across all Starbucks U.S. retail categories, unlocked new innovations, and positioned Starbucks as a culturally relevant global brand.

Prior to joining Starbucks, Katie was an advertising executive working with clients that included P&G and Coca Cola, where she had the opportunity to work and live in New York City, Warsaw, and Paris.

Katie Seawell currently resides in the New York City Area and can be reached at 206.788.5071 or on LinkedIn where she invites connections: LinkedIn.

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